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Bloom Labs is a research-driven biodiversity finance newsletter & consultancy

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Focus Areas

Bloom Labs produces cutting-edge open-source research and resources on scaling biodiversity finance.

Biodiversity markets

Voluntary and compliance markets based on biodiversity credits. Everything about credit schemes, their quantification methods & market developments.

Biodiversity accounting

Integration of biodiversity and ecosystems into corporate accounting & strategy. Focused on nature-related disclosure frameworks (e.g. TNFD, SBTN, CSRD).

Biodiversity MRV

Biodiversity quantification in order to monitor, report and verify (MRV) it. Especially focused on how biodiversity data collected relates to biodiversity credit mechanisms.

Why Biodiversity

Biodiversity is not only a magical interwoven circle of life. Our society is built on it. If we dig deep enough, every product or service finds its origins there. We're slowly realizing that. Large-scale political and financial commitments have been made to preserve and restore these natural ecosystems.

UN-level agreement to conserve 30% of terrestrial and marine habitat by 2030.
30 by 30
Pledged biodiversity-related financial assistance from developed countries to developing ones.
$30 billion by 2030
Assets under management of financial institutions that have made commitments about biodiversity loss.
$24 trillion

We’re at a crucial point of starting to systematically value intact nature (above $0, that is). There are many promising solutions: nature-focused corporate regulations, fair market mechanisms (e.g. biodiversity or carbon credits), nature monitoring tech. How we will achieve that will dictate our future. Finding a balance between capitalistic, regulatory and societal solutions will be key.

A lot of unique unbiased market research and synthesis needs to be done to move the space forward. That’s where Bloom Labs come in.


Advisory Services
Long & short-term strategic advice on how to approach biodiversity markets. Examples include help with setting up biodiversity credit sales, purchase or investment strategy, vendor selection and more.
Biodiversity Market Overview
Synthesis of everything you need to know about the current state of biodiversity markets. Accessible in short presentations & workshops.
Custom Research
Tailored biodiversity research approached in the same accessible way as the newsletter. Focused on biodiversity credit schemes & calculation, nature-related corporate disclosure frameworks and biodiversity MRV.
Company Deep Dives
Highly selective sponsored newsletter deep dives on a specific company where its investment thesis is explored. Accessible, entertaining and as unbiased as possible. Reach out to learn the specifics of the audience.

Customized for every player in the ecosystem.

A field like biodiversity requires nuance. Our services are designed with that in mind. Each client's unique needs are taken into account to provide a custom solution.

Nature-Based Solutions Providers
  • Biodiversity market feasibility analysis
  • Biodiversity credit scheme selection
  • Biodiversity credit project development
  • Biodiversity credit sales strategy
  • Customized market intelligence report
  • Overlap between biodiversity markets & corporate nature disclosures
  • Biodiversity credit procurement & purchasing strategy
Venture Capitalists
  • Customized market intelligence report
  • Biodiversity startup landscape overview
  • Biodiversity startup scouting
Asset Managers
  • Customized market intelligence report
  • Biodiversity market feasibility analysis
  • Biodiversity credit scheme selection
  • Biodiversity credit project development
  • Customized market intelligence report
  • Biodiversity market strategy
  • Biodiversity credit project development
  • Biodiversity credit sales strategy
  • Customized market intelligence report
  • Compliance & voluntary market analysis
  • Biodiversity markets & nature regulations overlap
  • Biodiversity market strategy
Financial Institutions
  • Customized market intelligence report
  • Market positioning advice
  • Biodiversity credit or data integration into financial products
  • Biodiversity credit scheme selection
  • Biodiversity credit project development
  • Biodiversity credit sales strategy
  • Ad hoc client support


Voluntary Biodiversity Market, Visualized

A detailed flowchart of the voluntary biodiversity market.

resource image

Marine Credit Schemes

A detailed list of marine (biodiversity, carbon, plastic & nutrient) credit schemes.

resource image

Biodiversity Credit Indicators & Metrics

An attempt to list & categorize every single public biodiversity credit indicator & metric.

resource image

Biodiversity Credit Schemes

A detailed list of (maybe?) every biodiversity credit scheme globally.

resource image


What started as a way to share my learnings part-time while exploring to build a biodiversity company, became the thing I became most known for. So I decided to double down.

Let's scale biodiversity finance together.

One way or another, biodiversity will be valued. Let us help you get ahead of the curve.